Under our licence as a detective agency, we provide these services:

Asset tracing and recovery

Working on behalf of companies in industry, commerce and trade as well as banks, insurance companies, and insolvency courts and administrators, our employees trace and identify assets in Austria and other countries. Such assets, which include movable business property as well as real estate, bank account balances and interests in companies, are then recovered in compliance with applicable regulations.

Auffinden und Sicherstellen von Vermögen

Tracing of debtors and individuals in hiding

Many companies, and even landlords, hold financial claims against individuals or businesses that have absconded and fail to meet their financial obligations. Debtors often relocate their residences or business activities to other European countries. Thanks to our excellent network, we are able in many cases to identify their place of residence and discover any hidden assets.

Auffinden von Schuldner auch im Ausland

Asset recovery

Both through personal intervention and using technical aids, our employees are able to recover our clients’ assets and business property. An example is our use, in compliance with legal requirements, of GPS location systems to monitor vehicles and containers transporting valuable freight. Through combined deployment of personnel and technology, we are able to pre-empt loss or damage.

Sicherung von Vermögenswerten

Protection of secrecy

Each year about 8,400 Austrian businesses fall prey to industrial espionage. While it is difficult to estimate the extent of the resulting damages, the effects can threaten the viability of an individual company. Our experts present clients with a risk matrix revealing specific weaknesses and hazards as a basis for taking appropriate measures in joint consultation. This might involve reviewing the loyalty of (key) employees, steps to avoid information from leaking out through data theft or stopping third parties from eavesdropping.


Procuring evidence for civil and criminal court cases

In many cases, appropriate evidence decides whether you merely have the law on your side or actually get justice.

Through combined deployment of personnel and technology while observing applicable regulations, we procure on behalf of our clients evidence that allows civil and criminal proceedings to be pursued with a high probability of success. We very often provide evidence in cases of fraud, embezzlement or fraudulent bankruptcy before and criminal courts.

Beschaffung von Beweisen für Zivil- und Strafprozesse

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