Our company has people with proficiency in these languages:  

German, English, French, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Czech and Slovak 

Under the mandate of businesses, banks, estates, and insolvency courts and administrators, our consultants serve in the roles described below and provide services throughout Europe:

  • Interim management roles, with a focus on finance, turnaround management, reorganisation management and sales management 
  • Continued temporary management of companies in the absence of the managing director or owner (e.g. due to illness or accident) 
  • Interim management of estates 
  • Management of non-insolvent subsidiaries and affiliates, under mandate from the insolvency administrators or shareholders of the parent company 
  • Liquidator in the liquidation of corporations 
  • Preparation of viability reviews 
  • Analysis of complex shareholder relationships and settlement systems
  • Holding as a fiduciary corporate shares and assets
  • Similar activities
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