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Here you will find information about who we are, the services we offer and how we work.

The focus of our expertise is business development, liquidity and turnaround management, court or shareholder-appointed interim management, liquidation, winding up corporations, and business investigations.


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Our Experience

More than 15 years’ experience in international management, with focus on services, banking, energy, industry and trade; in Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, CIS countries, Turkey and the Middle East

Languages ​​ready for use


Our company has people with proficiency in these languages: German, English, French, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Czech and Slovak 

Our services

Business investigations, detective and investigative services

Business investigations, detective and investigative services, debtor tracing, asset tracing and recovery...

Turnaround management and restructuring

Turnaround management, crisis management, business restructuring, restructuring proceedings, demergers, debt management, maintaining solvency

Court or shareholder-appointed interim management, liquidator, trustee

Under the mandate of businesses, banks, estates, and insolvency courts and administrators, our consultants act as interim managers and liquidators.

Mission statement

Based on wide and highly diverse professional experience gathered throughout Europe and the Middle East, we have chosen as our motto: 

...consider carefully – then act!

This means developing and identifying the best potential decision outcomes, based on available information and options. ‘Consider carefully – then act’ is also about evaluating and considering whether company resources are being used in a targeted and worthwhile manner. Our motto of ‘Consider carefully – then act’ also applies to any planning for future projects and business models as well as to action taken in crisis situations. 


Consider carefully – then act

Georg Nigl, MAS, MMBA, CMC

Core competencies

We work on the basis of the European EN 16114 standard and are specialised in:

  • Business development, sales organisation and sales management
  • Turnaround management and restructuring in an international and intercultural setting 
  • Business, project and sales financing
  • Preparing business plans, results monitoring
  • Acquisition and brokerage of investment capital and loans
  • Accepting interim management responsibility from courts or shareholders 
  • Liquidation of corporations 
  • Business investigations, especially as part of international insolvency proceedings